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  • The Nutritarian Lifestyle

    The journey you are about to take is different from any other you’ve embarked upon for weight loss and health. Typical diets usually entail a list of rules and regulations to restrict calories for weight loss. This is a problem, because when the focus is weight loss alone, results are rarely permanent.

    The focus for a nutritarian is nutrition and eating right, which is an undisputed, yet often overlooked critical ingredient to any dietary success. Here, there is no calorie counting, portion-size measuring, or weighing involved. In fact, you will eat as much food as you want, and still over time you will become satisfied with fewer calories. Follow the tips to becoming a nutritarian, and you will lose weight and keep it off– because a properly nourished body will automatically seek its ideal weight, without you having to fight the scale for one more day.

    The fundamentals of this eating style are to increase high-nutrient foods in your diet and to ‘crowd out’ unhealthy low-nutrient foods. What does it mean to crowd-out? Simply put, you won’t be forced to quit eating every food you love cold-turkey. Rather, you will slowly adapt to eating more nourishing foods (or nutritious versions of your favorites), thus reducing your cravings—or crowding out– room for fatty, processed, unhealthy foods.

    When you change the foods you eat in a natural fashion, it becomes your preferred way of eating. To accomplish this, you will be presented with scientific, logical information that explains the connection between food and your weight and health. This information, and the included meal plans and great-tasting recipes will help you shed pounds naturally and easily, merely as a side effect of eating so healthfully.

    Becoming a Nutritarian

    When you learn this eating style, you can proudly call yourself a nutritarian.
    A nutritarian is someone who has a preference for foods and/or an eating style that is high in nutrients.

    Quite simply, a nutritarian:

    • consumes lots of high-nutrient, natural plant foods
    • eats much less animal products than conventional eaters
    • limits consumption of toxic foods such as sugar, sweeteners, white flour, and processed foods

    The nutritarian way to health, longevity, and dieting focuses on healthy foods such as green vegetables, berries, and seeds. This isn’t to say you will be forced to eat like a bird or a rabbit. You won’t have to shun yourself from social events in order to make your diet work, and you won’t have to calculate the point value of every morsel that enters your mouth. It is true that a nutritarian limits animal products, sugar and sweeteners, and other refined and processed products. But this will not be at the expense of enjoying rich, sweet, mouth-watering foods that put any ‘junk’ food to shame.

    A nutritarian is someone who learns to trust in the amazing power of the body. If given half a chance, the body will heal itself—with food as the catalyst, nonetheless. When you learn how to become a nutritarian, you will arm yourself with everything you need to live a healthy, empowered life with perfectly balanced weight and a body you love.

    Finally, nutritarianism is a lifestyle. It’s an attitude, a mindset, a method that can be followed for a lifetime. A nutritarian is empowered to take control of her health and life.

    Not a vegetarian or vegan diet

    The foundation of the nutritarian diet is vegetables and other high-nutrient foods, but it is not at the exclusion of all animal foods, such as a vegetarian or vegan diet. To clarify, a vegan diet is one that contains no foods of animal product origin whereas a vegetarian diet may contain some dairy. The advantages of a vegetarian (or vegan) diet are mostly because vegetarians are more likely to eat more vegetables, beans, fruit, nuts, and seeds compared to those eating more conventionally, not simply because they are refraining from meat products. A vegetarian diet is an option for excellent health as long as care is taken to eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods. However, a vegetarian who lives on processed cereals, white flour products, rice, white potato, and processed soy products is still vulnerable to the weight gain, diseases, and other complications of the standard American diet because their diet cannot be considered nutrient-rich.

    Being a nutritarian differs from being a typical vegetarian because the focus isn’t on excluding animal foods, but on including the high-nutrient foods a body needs to improve health dramatically. A nutritarian will reduce the level of animal products to a safe level without having to exclude them completely. Without considering nutrient density, a vegetarian diet could be just as bad as one that includes a lot of animal products.

    Making animal products the disease-causation villain while filling up on low-nutrient plant foods or processed soy foods will not improve health. The reduction of animal products is only one important feature of this eating-style, not the focal point. Even though you could consider yourself a nutritarian and vegan, the critical issue for someone who wants to lose weight or avoid disease is not whether one is a strict vegan or not; the issue is the amount of nutrients of a given diet. And that is exactly what the Nutritarian diet focuses on.

    The Nutritarian difference

    The Nutritarian diet is different because it doesn’t require deprivation, starvation, or denying your body the foods it so greatly nourishes. It truly is a whole new way of looking at food, and of building your new body as that of a nutritarian. This book will tell you why and how nutrient-rich foods are so powerful, and you will learn what exactly to eat and how to incorporate these foods into your diet.

    By making these changes, your body will change in amazing and drastic way. Many people who have adopted the nutritarian lifestyle have reversed autoimmune disease, gotten rid of diabetes, headaches, and heart disease, have been brought back from the brink of death, simply by changing the way they eat.

    As you can see, food can be the most healing ‘medicine’ you put in your body. And once you grasp the possibilities that can occur from eating this way, your health and life will be changed forever.

    Welcome to the nutritarian way of life!